I really enjoyed this piece! I’m a millennial in my 30s and I’ve been collecting books since I was in high school. I buy multiple editions of my favorite titles, and I love going to antique shops and getting vintage books. There’s something so exciting about finding other people’s names and inscriptions written inside. I even found a draft of a party invitation written in rhyme! Old books have so many stories to tell about the people who used to own them, and for me, that’s half the appeal of second hand books. As for new releases, I primarily get those through my library unless I love the author. I’m really into audiobooks through the overdrive app, and I actually prefer listening over reading ebooks. Having a book in my hand and turning the pages is very grounding. I’m more relaxed, and it helps me to concentrate and fully appreciate the words. Ebooks are convenient for waiting rooms and lunch breaks, but it’s hard to connect with a screen.

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